Vandoren Family Legacy Continues

Date Posted: August 09, 2017

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Robert Van Doren, the son of current owner Bernard Van Doren, recently made his first visit to the United States. Robert represents the 4th Van Doren generation to join the family business. During his trip, Robert visited the Los Angeles and New York City Vandoren Musician Advisory Studios. While there he spent time with American musicians and learned firsthand the impact that Vandoren reeds, mouthpieces, and accessories have had on their careers. Vandoren has nurtured relationships with many of these artists for decades, including clarinet legend Stanley Drucker, who’s Vandoren association goes back to Robert’s grandfather, after whom he is named.


“My father has told me from my earliest days that we must stay close to the musician. After visiting our New York and Los Angeles studios, I see why. The importance of a high-quality product on which these incredible musicians can rely is our largest priority. It was my honor to meet such wonderful musicians and people and I look forward to continuing our relationship with the highest performing products we can make.” – Robert Van Doren

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