Vandoren Introduces New Jazz Alto Mouthpiece

Date Posted: July 08, 2016

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July 2016, Chicago, IL – After extensive research and development involving top jazz artists in New York City and Paris, Vandoren is proud to release the next evolution of the V16 mouthpiece – the S+ chamber for alto saxophone. The newly designed S+ chamber optimizes airflow which allows players to use more air than typical small chamber mouthpieces, creating a sound with more body, depth, and flexibility while maintaining the free-blowing nature of the V16 family. The S+ chamber takes the place of the current alto S series mouthpiece and is available in all V16 alto facings, A5 through A9.

"Just when you thought Vandoren could not improve on perfection, comes the S+ series,” says renowned NYC based saxophonist Mark Gross. “I've been using the V16 8S for many years and was quite happy. Vandoren shows me the V16 8S+ and with great hesitation, I try the mouthpiece. To my delight it is everything I wanted and possibly more in a mouthpiece. Its sound is much richer and fuller than the original 8S. It is easy to blow yet it produces a big, gorgeous tone. The low register speaks very clearly and boldly. The upper register rings and sings like a 'Bird'. Pun intended!!”

“Jazz alto players of all levels are going to love this mouthpiece,” says Michael Fenoglio, Vandoren Product Specialist. “The response and tonal flexibility of this mouthpiece rivals anything I’ve ever played on, including highly sought after vintage mouthpieces. It has all the qualities I love about small chamber mouthpieces, but allows me to push more air, almost like a medium chamber piece. The S+ is going to turn some heads!” 

For product specifications on the new S+ alto saxophone mouthpiece, click here.

Michael Fenoglio

For more information on the S+, please contact:

Michael Fenoglio, DMA

Vandoren Product Specialist

(217) 819 - 4171

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