Vandoren V21 Family Continues to Expand


Date Posted: January 13, 2017

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V21 Sop Eb Reeds

January 2017, Chicago, IL – Vandoren has expanded the V21 clarinet and saxophone families to include Eb clarinet and soprano saxophone. Since its original release for clarinet in 2015, V21 reeds continue to impress students and professionals alike with their smooth, warm sound, flexibility, and dynamic response.

“Players have really taken to the V21 since it’s release,” said Michael Fenoglio, Vandoren Product Specialist. “Bb and bass clarinets, and alto and tenor saxophonists have found this to be yet another great option at their disposal for classical music in particular. Expanding these lines to include Eb clarinet and soprano saxophone was the next logical step towards completing the family.”

V21 reeds are now available for Eb, Bb, and bass clarinet as well as soprano, alto, and tenor saxophone in a variety of strengths.

For more information on these reeds, please contact Vandoren Product Specialist, Michael Fenoglio.

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