With You Every Step: Artists and Students

Date Posted: November 17, 2021

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Alexa and Eloise

Alexa Tarantino is a saxophonist, woodwind player, and music educator based in New York City. Eloise has been playing saxophone for 1 year and is eager to learn more about music and the saxophone. They first came together during the pandemic via virtual lessons, and the Vandoren photoshoot was their first meeting in person. They had a blast!

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Read about Eloise’s Musical Journey


Julius Tolentino is a renowned saxophonist and music educator based in New Jersey. Anish, now in high school, has only been playing saxophone for a few years but is already studying some of the jazz greats.

Read about Julius’ Musical Journey

Read about Anish’s Musical Journey


Dr. Jimmy Greene is a Grammy Award-Nominated saxophonist, composer and educator from Hartford, CT. Noah, born in Ethiopia, has been playing tenor for 4 years. Both share a deep love of their school band experience and the tenor saxophone. They’re also tall. VERY tall.

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Read about Noah’s Musical Journey


Dr. Julianna Kirk-Doyle is a highly accomplished clarinetist and educator, teaching at SUNY Potsdam. In third grade, Clara is a very young but hungry clarinetist with big plans! They bonded over a shared appreciation of dance, and Mozart.

Read about Julianne's Musical Journey

Read about Clara's Musical Journey


Dr. Chien-Kwan Lin is a world-renowned classical saxophone pedagogue at the esteemed Eastman School of Music. Noah is a middle school student with a passion for Bruno Mars and jazz. From playing piano to drawing inspiration from pop music, they share a lot in common.

Read about Chien-Kwan’s Musical Journey

Read about Noah’s Musical Journey


Yao Guang Zhai is the Principal Clarinet of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Santiago is a highly motivated 8th grader with a surprising amount of experience already under his belt. Both share a love for travel and performing around the world.

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Read about Santi's Musical Journey


Dr. Susan Fancher is an internationally recognized concert saxophonist and educator that almost become a math teacher. Millie is an 8th grade student, that wouldn't take no for an answer in her pursuit of learning the saxophone.

Read about Susan's Musical Journey

Read about Millie's Musical Journey


Gary Smulyan is a six time GRAMMY Award Winning baritone saxophonist whose name has become synonymous with the baritone saxophone - something the younger Gary NEVER would have imagined. Ethan is an eager-to-learn 8th grader from a musical family that loves saxophone, computers, and coding.

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Read aboutEthan's Musical Journey

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