With You Every Step: Eloise

Date Posted: December 01, 2021

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What made you choose your instrument, and what was it like getting to play for the first time?

There was an opportunity to take an after-school instrument and I looked at all of the instruments that were available. I watched videos for each of the instruments and I liked the saxophone the most.

It felt really cool the first time I got to play it and I really liked the way it sounded! I felt very excited and I was really happy that I could start learning something that I didn't know.

Who have been your musical inspirations?

First, my teacher, Alexa. Also, my grandmother, who is involved with musical theatre and my aunt who is a singer and songwriter. I love music!

How often do you practice, and why?

I practice to get better at what I don’t know and to learn new things. Right now, I practice a few times a week, but, I know I should practice more. :)

What have been some of your greatest challenges in your musical journey so far, and what has kept you going?

Practicing and taking saxophone lessons remotely during COVID has been really hard. But it’s been worth it! The other hardest part is how heavy my saxophone is to carry around. That part is really annoying.

Fun music and my teacher, Alexa Tarantino, have kept me going and made it all worth it though.

What is your favorite thing that you’ve done with music, and what are you looking forward to doing in the future?

I’ve created some fun songs and I really like playing my instrument for family and friends.

SomedayI would like to perform the sax for people. I would also like to learn more instruments and more songs to play!

What do you like to do outside of music?

I really enjoy horseback riding, sports, drawing, art, and animals. I also play piano, which helped a lot with note reading when I started learning saxophone.

"I practice to get better at what I don’t know and to learn new things." - Eloise

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